Detailed information on the wedding ring making workshop

Making a simple gold or silver ring is relatively easy, and with my support, anyone can do it. During the two-day workshop, it is also possible to manage the production of more complex rings. 

The time frame of the workshop is not precisely determined. Depending on the complexity of your idea, we will arrange a meeting in the workshop on the first day of the workshop around 9 am. I will introduce you to the work plan and, apart from a break for lunch or other refreshments, we will work until we complete at least half of the work plan. 

We will follow up the next day and I will be available to you again until you are satisfied with the result. Of course, there is a lifetime guarantee against hidden defects, and I will also polish your rings at any time upon request. 

In the form of a workshop, it is also possible to make an engagement ring or other jewelry in my workshop. Get in touch, we will arrange dates and prices individually.


In the workshop, it is possible to work with all common jewelry alloys, with natural materials (horn, wood, etc.) and with titanium. 

You can also bring your own material, including, for example, old pieces of jewelry, odd earrings, or even dental gold. 

I am working with Ögussa, an Austrian company dealing in precious metals, through which I will secure new material at an appropriate value. 

Reservation and advance payment 

The total price of the workshop is 980 EUR (900 EUR on weekdays). I reserve the date for you after paying a symbolic deposit of 80 EUR. 

At a non-binding consultation meeting, you will tell me your idea of wedding rings and I will introduce you to the possibilities of the workshop. After this consultation meeting, the deposit for the date is non-refundable. 

If you work with silver, base metals or natural materials, you will pay the remaining 900 or 820 EUR and this price is final for you. 

If you decide to make rings from gold, I will tell you the exact price of the material at the consultation meeting, taking into account the size of your fingers and the required thickness of the ring. 

We will then individually arrange to send a deposit for the material so that I can prepare everything for you in sufficient time.

Examples of calculation of the final price

Rings made of titanium, silver, base metals or natural materials - price 980, resp. 900 EUR is final. 

Gold rings - you pay the basic price of the workshop plus the price of the material. This varies depending on the type of alloy, purity and size of your rings. 

The average price of the material for one pair of rings made of 14 carat gold is 490 - 650 EUR. These prices are indicative and develop depending on the prices of gold on the stock exchange and at dealers.

Do you have further questions? Do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail or by phone +420 774 935 677.

I rarely have the opportunity to photograph the rings created in the workshop. So here I am attaching just a few examples of rings that engaged people have created in my workshop.