Bracelet Hringr IV

Bracelets have held an important role in the course of human history. They were used as an object on which oaths are sworn, they confirm commitments, express gratitude, and symbolize a bond, connection, and belonging to the clan.

Jan Vlasák's current collection presents this ancient legacy in a new way

Bracelets for the modern era are crafted from a unyielding titanium, a material that flies into space as a structural component of spaceships.

The bracelet comes in two variants, with decorative engraving or plain without decoration.

Material: titanium 

Dimensions: approx. 8 cm x 4 cm, thickness 1 cm. I will create a custom-made bracelet for you, the dimensions will vary slightly so that the bracelet fits you as best as possible.

Weight: approx. 10g

To order within 30 days. Ask us to contact you to arrange a personal visit to the workshop and measure your wrist size.

11,000.00 Kč