Wedding ring making workshop

How does it go?

During two days in a fully equipped jewellery workshop you will create your own wedding rings according to your liking under my assistance. You will take home not only an original piece of jewelry, but also a special memory of creating your own wedding rings together.

You can use and work with a wide variety of materials. We will consult your idea at a non-binding meeting in our jewelry workshop one month before you start creating your rings in our workshop.

The basic information

The workshop is for two people only, no one else will be present with you in the workshop except me.

If you want rings made of gold, you will pay the price of this material separately. I will calculate the exact final price based on your ideas and measurements of your fingers at a non-binding meeting..

The workshop lasts for two days, but it is not strictly timed. On both days I will be fully available from morning to evening until the work is done.

The workshop takes place in my workshop in Prague Letná - Schnirchova 29, Prague 7.

The price is 1 025 EUR for both of you (1 230 EUR on weekdays) - the price includes all consumables, including base metals and silver.

Make your weddings rings yourself, for each other! 

Samples of wedding rings

I rarely have the opportunity to photograph the rings created in the workshop. So here I am attaching just a few examples of rings that my clients have created in my workshop. You can find more inspiration on Instagramu.

Clients in the workshops

I have been offering wedding ring making in my workshop for over six years. During that time more than 100 couples have made their own wedding rings with under my assistance. You can see some of them here, and you can find more recent moments from the workshops on my Instagram! Instagramu!

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